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Calling all serious stock photographers!

An unseen photograph, no matter how beautiful, is an unsold photograph.

Creating compelling keywords is a painstaking chore, but we all know that good keywords make successful stock photographers. With over half a million images keyworded -- that's 30 million keywords! -- Keyword Perfect ensures that your images will be seen by more people... and seeing is the first step to selling.

From a few descriptive terms Keyword Perfect generates hundreds of colorful, evocative keywords. For Getty photographers, Keyword Perfect goes a step further; our vocabulary contains all of Getty's conceptual terms, and puts the keywords you designate as essential at the front of your keyword list. For Alamy photographer's it gets even better, as Keyword Perfect sorts, formats and divides the keywords into essential, main and comprehensive keywords making Alamy's time-consuming submission process hassle-free.

Take the time to watch our demo, read over the web site, and view our tutorial videos. The next step is to download our free trial. You're only one step away from generating diverse lists of keywords -- the Keyword Perfect keywords -- that will get your photographs seen -- and sold.

A2Z Keywording is committed to helping you get the most out of Keyword Perfect. We are always available to answer questions, take your suggestions for new features, and learn about the submission procedures of different stock houses.

Keyword Perfect: the key to Perfect Success.



Work faster.

With Keyword Perfect, you can import RAW files, JPEG, or Tiff images and begin keywording instantly. Importing JPEG, and RAW images brings their IPTC keywords and captions. Move those IPTC keywords into the program with the click of a button and expand your keywords ten fold. "US flag" becomes "American flag, US flag, stars and stripes, old glory, United States flag, patriotic, patriotism, flag, USA, U.S.A., America, American flags, US flags, United States flags, flags." More keywords mean more hits; more hits mean more sales.


Work smarter.

Keyword Perfect's interface minimizes mistakes and promotes accuracy. By leading users through a series of drop down menus, Keyword Perfect ensures that every aspect of the image is captured. From the mundane data of photo style and time of day, to the more important information about people, places, activities and concepts, Keyword Perfect's natural language vocabulary creates synonyms, plurals, British terms and spelling variants, allowing photographers to be as detailed or as abstract in their image tagging while still creating a thorough and consistent keyword matrix.


Work Efficiently.

When submitting to Getty or Alamy, Keyword Perfect lets you put the words you want at the beginning of the keyword list, and sorts the remaining keywords so that conceptual, landscape, or people words (you choose) are pushed to the front of the list. For Alamy photographers it gets better. Keyword Perfect divides and places the keywords into the Essential, Main or Comprehensive Keyword boxes, and even tells you which keywords didn't make the cut. It also puts all multi-word phrases in brackets and gives you the option to change them to quotation marks. All of this is conveniently displayed in a layout that lets you cut and paste your keywords into the Alamy web site.


Work automatically.

Keyword Perfect is designed to keyword large numbers of images in the shortest amount of time. Every feature of the program is designed to make the process go as quickly as possible without sacrificing accuracy. Keyword one image and then copy those keywords to any number of similar images. The program automatically checks for mistakes and possible errors. In no time, your vast catalogs of photos are made searchable and transformed into a potential revenue stream.


Work at what you love.

Keyword Perfect makes the keywords you created easily portable, stored within the IPTC data of your image, or as a tab-delimited text file. As a tab file your keywords can be easily imported into your website search engine, or sent to your stock house. Exported into the IPTC keyword and caption fields of your JPEG, or into the XMP sidecar attached to your RAW file, the keywords are permanently stored with your images. Your catalog of photos is searchable. Your photos are findable. And your business can now become more profitable.

How it Works

If you are like most professional photographers you've got a glamorous website brimming with beauty shots arranged in one portfolio after another. Fashion. Nature. Food. Families. Personal. And it's totally useless at selling your photos.

Because it's not searchable. And an art director in a hurry (and they are always in a hurry) won't pound through your portfolio searching for just the right image. And they always want just the right image. Which means that if they can't find it, you can't sell it.

Download Now!!!!

1. Download the Keyword PerfectTM Software.

Click on the Download Now button and install the program on your machine. Keyword Perfect runs on both Mac and PC machines.

2. Import your photos.

Keyword Perfect imports folders of images. The program generates thumbnails from RAW files, JPEGs or TIFFS and brings them into the program. As a space-saving option, import image references instead of thumbnails. If you import RAW files or JPEGs Keyword Perfect will also bring in the IPTC caption and keyword fields. Importing JPEGs also brings in the width and height of the images.
Expand your IPTC Keywords

3. Expand your IPTC Keywords.

Keyword Perfect allows you to move the IPTC keywords into the program either one at a time or all at once with the click of a button. This way you can transform an inconsistent and feeble set of old keywords into a vibrant, comprehensive set of new keywords.
Automatically Generate

4. Automatically Keyword Perfect generates dozens of accurate, searchable tags.

An intuitive interface makes it simple to add a few basic terms (or as many as you like) for each photo. A series of pull down menus walks you through an image checklist to ensure all aspects of your picture are keyworded with a comprehensive set of tags. Keyword Perfect contains all of the industry-accepted terminology within the photo style, number, family groups, race, age and people and concept menus including all of Getty's conceptual terms. Decide in Preferences whether you want to take advantage of Keyword Perfect's thorough and comprehensive design, or whether a more relaxed freestyle approach is a better fit. Keyword Perfect is flexible enough to fit the needs of all photographers.
Getty Compliant

5. Create Getty compliant keywords.

Preferences have over thirty options that allow you to tailor your keywording specifically to the needs of different clients and stock houses. Instead of listing your keywords alphabetically, you can customize how they are arranged. You can tell Keyword Perfect that concepts are more important than photo style words and should be placed closer to the front of the keyword list. Getty photographers can specify the words that will appear at the head of the keyword list.
Alamy Friendly

6. Makes submitting keywords to Alamy fast and easy.

Alamy photographers can set up Keyword Perfect to make the keywords completely conform to the complex specifications of Alamy's on-line keyword submission process. Keyword Perfect divides and puts just the right number of keywords into the Essential, Main and Comprehensive keyword boxes and even displays those keywords that did not make the cut; it uses a space as the keyword separator; puts brackets around keyword phrases and allows them to be changed to quotations; and allows you to easily copy and paste the keywords into the matching fields on the website. The design is guaranteed to cut submission time by half and to raise your Alamy ranking.
Vocabulary Behind the Curtain

7. The vocabulary behind the curtain.

Underlying Keyword Perfect is a 13,000-entry vocabulary that allows you to describe anything and everything in an image. The vocabulary is divided into three distinct subsets. You can customize and control what keywords are created and how many. The vocabulary is also easily searchable. How many keywords do we have for happiness, sadness, success and serenity? Do a series of quick searches and experience the in-depth encyclopedic environment of the Keyword Perfect vocabulary. With this underlying taxonomy you will never have to guess what word to use; they will always be at your fingertips.

8. Review your work.

One of Keyword Perfect's more powerful and helpful features is Keyword Checker. Executing a series of over 200 searches, Keyword Checker methodically examines your keywords and brings to your attention any obvious mistakes or possible errors. Keyword Checker cuts down dramatically on omissions and inaccuracies, and ensures that your keywords are consistent, correct and comprehensive.

Send File

9. Permanently store your Keywords in JPEG or RAW files or save as a highly portable tab-delimited text file.

Once you have checked and processed your work, Keyword Perfect gives you two options for the final output. Permanently store your keywords and captions within the IPTC metadata fields of your original JPEG images, or in the XMP sidecars that accompany your RAW files. Or, save the keywords as an extremely portable tab-delimited text file that can be imported into a search engine, sent to clients or submitted to a stock house.
Archive Your Work

10. Archive your work

When you have finished, you can store your images and their keywords in Keyword Perfect. The archive is easily searchable so that you can combine images from different batches for submission to stock houses and clients. If someone calls you up and asks for all your horse photographs or images of Santa Barbara, you can do a quick search in the Archive and quickly export those keywords to a ready to send tab file. In the archive, your keywords are always available for reuse.



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