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What operating systems and other programs do I need to run Keyword Perfect 

Is Keyword Perfect OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion compatible? 

Is Keyword Perfect a web-based program?

Can you have the program on more than one machine?

Is the software license fee for the whole program (thesaurus included), or is there any annual (or other periodical) fee? 

Why is the free-trial version of Keyword Perfect taking such a long time to open up?

I use Alamy uploader to submit images.  How are keywords imported into Lightroom? 

Can you suggest a Lightroom to Keyword Perfect workflow?

I hate XMP sidecar files.  How can I save the keywords directly in the IPTC fields of a DNG file. 

How do I update Keyword Perfect? 

Does Keyword Perfect have a full screen mode?

Is Keyword Perfect only in English? 

Why is Keyword Perfect unable to import TIFF files created by Photoshop CC.

I imported a DNG raw file and the program crashed. Is it designed to do that? 

What is a generator and how is it different from an associated keyword?

 Can I add words to the vocabulary.

How do I get keywords into the IPTC keyword field of my TIFF images? 

 How long does it take to keyword an image?

 I have a hundred images of US flags shot from different angles and at different times of day. How would I keyword them using Keyword Perfect?

Why does Keyword Perfect have both the Alamy Keywords screen and the Alamy Excel spreadsheet export? 

Are the essential keywords limited to five words or phrases? 

I want to import images but I there is no File Menu item Import Images?

I submit my images to a number of stock agencies and many have different separators between their keywords.  What should I do?

I submit my images to different stock agencies using a number of pseudonyms. What should I do? 

Can I import images from two different folders into the same batch?

Can I import images into Keyword Perfect that reside on an external hard drive or a zip drive. 

The import of images is not working. What's up with that?

Can I keyword one image and then copy those keywords to other images? 

Can I copy the keywords of an image in the archive to an image in the Entry screen? 

Why would I want to use a weighted sort for my keywords and how does it work.

What human quality best helped the people of A2Z Keywording to create such an incredibly helpful, dare I say, perfect keywording program? 

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