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A2Z Keywording Details Service is designed for clients who need their images described in great detail so that editors and graphic designers can differentiate one picture from thousands of comparable images in a vast digital database. Creating up to 250 appropriate keywords for each and every image in an archive can be expensive, but for publishers and stock photography houses, the price of this comprehensive approach more than pays for itself in sales potential and ease-of-use.

How it Works

At the beginning of each project, A2Z Keywording works in partnership with you, the client, to understand how you envision using your digital library. We will assimilate your taxonomy into our vocabulary, and align that vocabulary with the internal workings of your search engine. Once these discussions are concluded and necessary changes are made, we will keyword a series of test batches. To ensure that the test images accurately represent your digital archive as a whole, we ask that the people who will actively use the database carefully review the keywords we generate. That feedback is reviewed and a new test batch is keyworded. We continue this process until our keywording methodology has been fully tuned to your needs, and you, in turn, feel confident about the quality of the keywords you will receive.

Once the start-up period is over, the real keywording begins. All keywording will be completed on a monthly basis. The client will choose a day of the month to send payment to A2Z Keywording and upload your images to our ftp site. A2Z Keywording guarantees delivery of those keywords by the same day each month. Throughout the duration of the project, A2Z Keywording will continue to update and modify its keywording methods to reflect any alterations required by the client.

Fees for Details

The prices for our services are based on an equal number of images being delivered each month for an entire year. The price is in U.S. dollars on a per-image basis as follows:

  Details AlphaBasic CaptionParser
1 - 5,999 images a year:$2.75$2.00$1.25
6,000 - 11,999 images a year:$2.50$1.70$1.10
12,000 - 23,999 images a year:$2.25$1.50$1.00
24,000 - 47,999 images a year:$2.10$1.35$0.90
48,000 - 119,999 images a year:$2.00$1.20$0.75
120,000+ images a year:$1.90$1.10$0.65