Dateline: Tivoli, NY


A2Z Keywording is happy to announce that Keyword Perfect now has an Alamy compliant keywording screen specifically designed to dramatically simplify the submission process and increase your ranking.  A2Z Keywording would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to one of our customers Elisabeth Cölfen, for her insight, time and feedback in the development of this feature


What does the Alamy Compliant Keywording feature do?


Keyword Perfect now automatically divides and places the appropriate number of keywords into the Essential, Main and Comprehensive keyword boxes.  The program also places brackets around all multi-word phrases, allows you to easily change those brackets to quotation marks, and move keywords from one box to another, before you paste them into the corresponding boxes on Alamy's online submission page. 


How does it work?


It is easy to get started; in Preferences go to the Keyword Tab and check Make Alamy Compliant Keywords.  Now go to the first image, click in the Essential Keyword to Add box and begin entering keywords.  When you have finished typing the essential keywords tab out of the box and begin entering keywords in the regular boxes. 



When you are done with that image choose the menu item Keyword Next Image (CMD-6) and enter the keywords for the next image.  When all images are done, process the images and all the keywords will be distributed to the correct boxes. 


You can be confident that your best keywords will appear in the Main instead of the Comprehensive keyword box because the keywords are sorted according to guidelines you set up. You control the sorting by giving different categories of keywords (conceptual, emotional, action, or people, for example) more importance than others. Keyword Perfect's 150,000-word vocabulary is fully modifiable and expandable so that you have complete control over the keywords you submit.

A2Z Keywording is hopeful that this new feature will make Alamy photographer’s lives easier by dramatically reducing the time spent dealing with the cumbersome submission process, while at the same time improving your ranking.  Please take a look at the Alamy Compliant Keywording tutorial and the other Alamy items on the website for more information.